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EEA White Paper Links Engagement with Profitability

According to a new report from the Enterprise Engagement Alliance (EEA), motivating workforces to improve performance can increase corporate profits – and boost the economy. Entitled “The Economics of Engagement,” the report,written by Allen Schweyer of the Human Capital Institute, provides a comprehensive analysis of research in the emerging field of “Enterprise Engagement” and offers how-to information on recently developed benchmarking tools that can quantitatively measure the benefits of employee and customer engagement.


Research Shows That Recognition Can Boost Revenue and Profits

In today’s economic environment, employees are often stressed out because they’re doing the jobs of several laid-off coworkers – or they’re worrying about their own futures. One way to relieve the stress is with an appropriate – and affordable – recognition and rewards program. A new white paper released by the Recognition Council of the Incentive Marketing Association shows companies using recognition and incentive programs are often rewarded with improved revenue, higher profits, or even survival, when competitors are closing their doors.


Why Your Incentive Program Will Outlast the Downturn

Economic conditions can have a serious impact on the incentive industry, and the latest economic downturn is no exception. But a recent white paper, “Why Incentive Programs Endure Recessions” from the Incentive Performance Center (IPC), reviews past Incentive Federation studies and argues that there’s little evidence of a significant negative impact to the industry resulting from past downturns.


Engagement Needs “Enablement” to Fully Succeed

Organizations must focus on two key concerns to retain and motivate their talent: increasing employee engagement and developing systems that provide better support for the success of their employees. A recent article in the Hay Group Leader notes that to foster high levels of engagement, companies must make greater use of non-monetary rewards such as career growth opportunities, meaningful job design, training, and recognition programs.


Engagement Strategies Rebrands and Refocuses on a Broader Vision

The new name for the print and electronic editions of Motivation Strategies magazine is Engagement Strategies. The rechristened publication will cover engagement in all its various forms and functions, from research, leadership, motivation and technology to products, programs, destinations, and communications – a comprehensive approach focused on maximizing performance and profits through people.


Incentive Travel Remains a Preferred Business Strategy Despite Economy

While corporate incentive travel programs are not immune to the effects of the economy, their utility as a strategic business tool persists, according to the findings of a recent Pulse Survey from the Incentive Research Foundation (IRF) entitled “Incentive Industry Trends Outlook 2009.”


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IMA Summit Will Examine Diversity and Corporate Responsibility

More than 300 incentive professionals are expected to attend the Incentive Marketing Association’s 10th Annual Executive Summit in Tucson from July 26 through July 29, to learn, network, and advocate incentive program ROI. They will also be seeking new and innovative ways to motivate employees and customers and stimulate the economy.


Put The Motivation Show at the Top of Your To-Do List

Registration is now officially open for The Motivation Show in Chicago, September 29-October 1. Whether you're a CEO, or a sales, marketing, meeting, or human resource professional, The Motivation Show will inspire you to start managing the engagement of your customers and employees as a business asset.